About me

I am extremely passionate about all styles of photography and art. Wherever possible I try to reuse my photographs to recreate the images, which are taken from all walks of life, with a variety of media like pastels, acrylic and oil whilst also adding my own artistic adaptions to create unique pieces of work. I love to capture a moment in time that would otherwise be just a distant memory.
At work in my studio :)

Painting and drawing has been a love of mine from a very young age. I had always wanted to study fine art and, when I was a teenager, I was offered a place on a Fine Art degree course. Sadly, in those days, leaving home was not an option and so, due to family commitments, I couldn’t accept the offer. This didn’t stop my desire to become an artist.

Life took me down an alternate path where I raised a family and completed my A level art qualification in my spare time. Once my children grew up I decided to re-train by taking a BTEC National Diploma in Photography and Imaging and came out with Distinction, Merit, Merit. The distinction was in the “art” section of the course which I was absolutely thrilled with.

A further childhood memory I cherished was that of having pets, I was fortunate enough to always be surrounded by cats, dogs and small animals. My daughter was also raised in an animal loving household and is now a keen horsewoman, I am fortunate enough to be able to use her horses as inspiration for my Artwork as well as a cat of my own.

Due to my great love of animals it is the wildlife and nature itself which inspires me. It is so important for future generations to see all these animals and I greatly admire work undertaken by charities to preserve wildlife. Too many times we hear of them being ill-treated so I would love to raise awareness of these beautiful animals with my Artwork.
I am a member of TWASI Wildlife Art Society, and the Association of Animal Artists which are all wonderful societies to join for those artists who also love wildlife.

Photography nowadays is primarily digital and, as technology is forever evolving, I feel reproducing images into art can evoke a memory which draws a link to a forgotten event like a synapse to another time.
If this is something you are interested in then please see my commissions and prices pages for further information on having your own images turned into a pastel, acrylic or oil portrait. Prices vary depending on size so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This is also an ideal gift for people who love their animals and want a cherished reminder of their companion.